, 2016 Marketing Trends: How to Improve Your Website in Just 10 Minutes, MySMARTblog, MySMARTblog

2016 Marketing Trends: How to Improve Your Website in Just 10 Minutes

, 2016 Marketing Trends: How to Improve Your Website in Just 10 Minutes, MySMARTblog, MySMARTblogAn outdated website is a very unwelcoming first impression to make in 2016. Thankfully, a full site redesign is not necessary to bring an established website up to date with current digital marketing trends. There are many tricks a business can use to give its site a boost in just 10 minutes.

Add Images And Videos To Popular Pages

A well-written blog post with a unique perspective on the subject will always remain a relevant traffic driver for any website, however the way material is presented has shifted over the past few years. Blog posts supplemented with images, infographics and videos have become the norm and is now expected by consumers.

This shouldn’t be a problem for small businesses because it has an easy fix. Identify the most popular blog posts or web pages and revamp them with new images, an original infographic or a relevant video. This is a quick way to keep the popular material while presenting it in a modern way.

Maximize The Audience By Creating A Mobile-Friendly Site

With a significant percentage of website traffic flowing in from mobile devices, all businesses need to make it a priority that their site will function on all smart phones and tablets.

If the website doesn’t open properly or is too difficult to read on a phone, the visitor is not going to remember the link and come back later when they are on a computer, they will simply find a new source of information. This decreases the odds of converting a substantial amount of traffic, a risk no business can afford to take.

Make It Simple To Follow The Brand On Social Media

A simple mistake that is all too common: A reader finds a new website through Google and quickly becomes hooked. They want to continue to track the brand on social media but there are no options to follow on Twitter, subscribe on YouTube or friend on Facebook.

So many businesses are narrowly focused on driving traffic to their website from social media accounts that they don’t consider traffic flowing in the opposite direction. Every page on every website should provide visitors with an easy way to follow the brand on the social media network of their choice.

Always take the time to perform a quick website audit to make sure everything is fully functional and material is being presented in a way that’s consistent with what today’s audience is looking for. These 3 simple tips can be accomplished in 10 minutes and will drastically improve any website.