4 Key Content Marketing Metrics That You Must Track Religiously to Measure Your Success

3 Trends That Will Help Shape Your Local Real Estate Market in 2015In order to determine how effective your website is for your business, you must first define what actions you want your visitors to take. For example, some website owners may want their visitors to fill out an opt-in form, and others may want them to make a purchase. Whether you want your customers to complete these or other steps, you need to know how effective your website is at producing results.

Page Views and Downloads

The most common type of metrics that is used relates to consumption of the information on the website. Analytical data is available that relates to the number of views and individual page views as well as downloaded information. This indicates how much of your website is being digested or taken in by your visitors.

Content Sharing

Another common metric that is reviewed relates to content sharing. This is a metric that is linked closely with social media marketing, but it is not entirely related to social media. It shows how much of your content is passed along to others. This includes shares of your blog posts, tweets and more on social media sites, and it also includes unique visits to your blog posts that are not generated from internal links on your website.

Lead Generation

While you want to know about your page views, downloads and content sharing, you also need to know how people are arriving at your website and which of your marketing methods are cost-effective for you. This information can help you to determine how to spend your marketing dollars in the future or if some of your marketing methods need to be revised to provide you with better results.

Sales Data

In addition to these important metrics, you will also want to take a closer look at the sales data metrics to learn more about the conversion rate associated with your website. The sales data gives you valuable information regarding how effective your website is at promoting sales or converting leads into sales. It may also give you valuable information about the source of the leads that are converted into sales.

Your website metrics are valuable to you in many ways. You first need to find a great way to generate the metrics that you need, and you may be able to pull them from different resources and tools. Then, you will need to carefully analyze them so that you make great decisions about your company’s online marketing going forward.