5 Sites for Finding Great Content to Share on Your Social

5 Sites for Finding Great Content to Share on Your SocialCurating content from across the internet is an easy way to share amazing material on various social media platforms, but where to begin? Jumping into the web to try and find shareable content can result in a lot of wasted time with nothing to show for it.

It’s easy to get lost in the many websites vying for visitors, so start out by trying some of these popular sites for finding content to share on social media.

Track Influencers With Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is more than just a tracking website. It allows anybody to type in a phrase, a keyword or even a company to see which content about that subject is the most shared across social media and the internet. Any company in a niche industry should be aware of what is trending in their world and Buzzsumo makes that simple for any topic.

Use News Aggregators For Quick Sharing

Tracking news can be a headache, but news aggregators have made it easy to stay on top of news to share with followers before it’s out of date. Both Popurls and Alltop are popular aggregators that allow customization of results and Google Alerts is great for tracking keywords.

Scanning Competitor’s Social Media Accounts

A brand’s competitors will all have followers who fall within the same demographics. Looking at their accounts is a great way of discovering content that is proven to work on similar followers and also see what kind of content doesn’t work.

Follow Particular Subreddits

Reddit is one of the web’s largest news aggregators but with a twist. The website is broken down into many smaller, user-made sites, called subreddits, that each covers a particular interest. Businesses in the automotive field can follow the many separate vehicle subreddits to find popular posts to share that relate to their industry.

Curate Videos From YouTube and Vimeo

Video sharing has become a popular way for social media accounts to stay active with minimal effort. Because more companies are producing videos that cover their industry, there has never been more material to choose from in any field. Browse YouTube and Vimeo to find high quality videos that are short and to the point so that followers will browse your content afterwards.

Once shareable content has been found it’s important to keep track of where it’s coming from so that over time a handy portfolio of sites will be at your disposal. Use this strong content to grow followers but make sure to add something of your own so that it too can be shared and expose your brand to new followers.