A Look at Google’s “Mobile Friendly” Search Update Released in April and How It Impacts Your Blog

A Look at Google's Mobile Friendly Search Update Released in April and How It Impacts Your BlogGoogle is by far the leading search engine in the world, and it regularly makes updates to provide its users with a better overall experience. Recently, it announced a change to its algorithms that impacts local searches by mobile users. This change has the ability to impact businesses positively or negatively based on different factors, so it is important to learn more about the new Google changes and to make any updates necessary to your own website to promote a better overall result.

A Closer Look at the Update

The latest update to Google’s algorithms was released in April 2015, and many website owners are already seeing the impact of these changes with their own viewership and rankings. The update was the result of Google’s recognition of the frustration that some mobile users feel when they click on links to websites that are not mobile-friendly. Essentially, these are websites that give mobile users a bad overall experience, or the pages may not load at all on some websites.

The update recognizes these websites that are not “mobile-friendly”, and it removes them from the search results for mobile users. Because mobile users will often use their phones to look for local service providers or businesses, this has the potential to impact those with a local presence more than national or international businesses.

What You Can Do

You may be wondering how this change will impact your website and your blog. Understandably, you may be hoping that your website has improved rankings rather than lower rankings as a result of the changes.

One idea is to use the “mobile friendly test” provided by Google to determine if your pages are mobile friendly or not. You can make changes to any pages that are deemed to be not friendly. This can be helpful to all website owners, and this includes with blog pages that may or may not be mobile friendly.

You may have a lot of different things to think about as you design a great website and fill it with helpful, user-friendly content. While text and graphics are important, the design is also now relevant to your search rankings as well as to how attractive your website is to your target audience. You can use the mobile friendly test from Google today to help you determine which pages need to be revised for improved results with mobile phone users.

Did you know that all the websites that MySMARTblog builds since April 2015 are considered “mobile friendly” by Google. If its been a while since you last updated the look of your website or if you are concerned that your website may not be “Mobile Friendly” let us know and we would be happy to help you get it updated.

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