A Quick Guide to Visual Content Tools That Can Increase Engagement with Your Blog

A Quick Guide to Visual Content Tools That Can Increase Engagement with Your BlogBlog posts that use visual content properly have an average of 94% more views than comparable posts that do not use any visual content. This is a statistic that should not be ignored by any content creator, as it proves readers are looking to be visually stimulated while visiting their favorite websites.

Many content creators ignore visual content because they believe it is difficult to create and expensive as well, something that is no longer true with the use of these great visual content tools.

Inserting Strong Graphics With A Free Web-Based Tool

There was once a time when strong images required the use of a professional graphic designer, an expense many small businesses could not justify. Today, there are many free options that allow anybody to create professional images and graphics that can be easily shared with followers and customers.

Canva, with the backing of Google executives, is one of the top visual content tools available on the web. It has a simple learning curve, layouts for almost all major social media networks and graphics that can be easily inserted into blogs to increase reader engagement.

Using Visual Social Media To Drive Traffic To A Blog

While using strong visuals in a blog will keep readers engaged and more likely to share the content, there is no reason to keep this the sole place where images are being used to sell a brand.

Instagram is the leading visual-based social networking platform, where tens of millions of users venture to share pictures and images that they connect with. A corporate Instagram account, as long as the images are not transparently being used as a marketing campaign, can be an amazing tool to drive traffic to a website or blog.

Grab Reader Attention Immediately

If you read enough blog posts, especially on some of the most popular websites, you will notice a trend with the blog’s title. How many of these websites use standard text and how many use a striking image with words graphically overlaid? This captures the reader’s attention straight away and leads to higher retention rates.

Creating these used to be a chore, but there are two tools that make designing visually appealing blog titles simple. Pixlr is a web based platform that allows editing and text to be applied to photos, while Wordswag is an app that does the same thing. Both of these visual content tools are very easy to learn and will add a significant value to any blog.