How to Communicate on Twitter

Last week’s Tuesday Tech Tip we covered how to start using Twitter and gaining traction on it.. This week, I wanted to eliminate any potential confusion about how interaction on Twitter works.

Twitter is pretty different from the other social media networks, and many people may choose not to use it because they are intimidated by learning how all the “@” and “#” (hashtag) symbols work and how they would use them to communicate and network within Twitter.

It’s worth learning how it works, though, not only because Twitter can be such a great tool for networking but because now we are seeing the hashtag symbols being carried across other networks like Facebook and it can certainly be a useful search tool.

A Few Twitter Tips

1. Data shows that tweets with less than 100 characters and only 1 or 2 hashtags in the tweet get up to 20% more engagement. So, don’t go too crazy with the length or number of hash tags!

2. Use a call to action in your tweets. These tend to get more re-tweets and attention in general.

3. Tweets that go out during busy hours or on weekends tend to get more engagement.

Check out the great tutorial video below to get familiarized with how to communicate on Twitter.