Consumer Psychology and Why You Should Be Using Storytelling to Explain Your Business

Can You Get a Home Mortgage with Zero Down in Today's World? Let's Take a LookEverybody loves a good story. Using storytelling techniques to convey a brand’s message makes it easier to absorb and relate to. Consumers make business decisions based on emotion as much as other factors and if they can connect to a brand through storytelling it can drastically increase a company’s conversion rate.

Using Storytelling To Lure In A Target Audience

All the marketing techniques in the world will not have any lasting effect if they are targeting a miscalculated audience. Understanding current demographics and identifying a specific range of customers is imperative to success.

Once the ideal demographic is pinpointed, different approaches can be applied to reach them. A company aiming a product or service at middle-aged women should explain its business with a focus on the family aspect while those attempting to hit a much younger demographic would not use the same approach.

A Personal Company History Can Connect Customers Emotionally

One trend that has become increasingly popular is having a business’s emotional back story featured front and center on its website. A memorable story is easier for first time customers to connect to and creates an instant impression. Any small business with a unique back story should take the time to craft a well-written and heartfelt tribute to its own formation.

In a viral world where sharing has become king, companies need to find a way to be talked about and a well-written story detailing the how and why behind the formation of a business is the kind of anecdote friends will share with one another.

Keeping The Same Techniques In A Marketing Campaign

The same philosophy of using consumer psychology to connect customers to a brand applies in the same way to a marketing campaign. A well-crafted advertisement or photograph that tells a story is more likely to go viral on its own merits and will have a longer lasting impact than an overabundance of standard ads.

Storytelling has been used throughout marketing campaigns for decades. There is no reason the same consumer psychology techniques that multinational corporations and massive advertising agencies employ shouldn’t be used by smaller businesses.

It comes down to crafting a connection between the brand and the consumer, and an emotional one can help increase brand loyalty as customers and clients overlook factors like cost and quality and make decisions based on their feelings.