Grow Your Real Estate Connections on LinkedIn

photoWhen leveraging social media for business, it’s vitally important to understand that LinkedIn and Facebook are not the same. Many people utilize Facebook as a personal network to connect with their friends or loved ones.  LinkedIn is different from the rest of the social media outlets because it’s specifically designed for businesses and professionals. It’s the perfect online place for professionals to create real business connections. The connections you create here can help your business network grow.

The profile you create on LinkedIn can act as your online business card! When signing up, you are asked a few basic questions; your name, location, and job history. These are all ways to represent yourself and what you can offer.

Displaying links on your LinkedIn page is very important. Representing your business in an easy-to-use, professional manner is key. The average person only spends 2.6 seconds on a page before determining to move onto another site or keep reading. If your page does not look interesting enough, with current information and good readability. then you most likely won’t have as many people staying on your page long enough to read what you’re about.

A few ways to optimize your LinkedIn page:

  1. Have a detailed personal summary: People don’t look for a real estate business. They look for a human. Someone that their friends or family have recommended.
  2. Represent yourself: Don’t forget your professional photo! Look your best.
  3. Finish your profile: Answer all questions. The more information you provide, the easier it is for someone to find you!
  4. SEO – LinkedIn lets you pick a unique URL for your profile. Add keywords in the URL!

There are many ways to grow your online profile. These are all great ways to attract new leads and contacts but you shouldn’t forget about the following important steps.

Once you have created a great profile, find your company! Like I stated above, many people do not look for a business. They look for a name of someone recommended to them. The easier it is for them to find you the better. Adding the company page you work for can help you connect with all of your co-workers and their connections. This will help you grow your network too.

Find your target market. Find the people who are most likely to benefit from your business. Connect with them and create a relationship. This does not mean click connect and leave the page without a personal message. People are more likely to respond to you if they feel they know you and you know them! Check out their posts. Share and comment on them. Show them you have the same interests and you are here to help.

5 reasons you should use LinkedIn for your Real Estate business.

  • Information – Do a little research on someone’s page to get to know them.
  • Networking – Reconnecting with colleagues and other groups.
  • Testimonials – There is not much that is more important than what people are saying about you!
  • Referrals – Building relationships with other alliances outside can be a great tool for referrals.
  • Notifications – Time slips away, notifications help remind us when to reach out to someone.

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