, How a Solid Buyer Persona Will Help You Better Focus Your Marketing, MySMARTblog, MySMARTblog

How a Solid Buyer Persona Will Help You Better Focus Your Marketing

, How a Solid Buyer Persona Will Help You Better Focus Your Marketing, MySMARTblog, MySMARTblogBuyer personas were previously used by large companies to better understand their growing customer base, but they are now used by small stores and businesses operating online to do the same thing. With so much competition in the crowded online marketplace, every company should take the time to create a solid buyer persona so they can orchestrate a marketing strategy that will be as effective as possible.

Tailor A Strong Brand Message Around A Buyer Persona

Understanding who the target customer is for a product can help a digital marketing campaign run smoothly, especially for smaller businesses that don’t have the same level of resources as their larger competitors.

A strong brand message can help unfamiliar consumers immediately understand a product or service, and tailoring that message to the buyer persona will stop it from being so vague it gets lost among the thousands of advertisements that customers get bombarded with every day.

Use The Buyer Persona To Effectively Target Ads

Take a long look at the buyer personas that have been created as a reflection of your target demographic, now look at where you spend the most on advertising. If the two do not share distinct characteristics then something has gone seriously wrong with the marketing campaign.

If the buyer persona is a mother between the ages of 30-45, then spending the bulk of an advertising campaign on websites that are frequented by teenage girls or older men is probably a waste of resources. The buyer persona can help a brand understand who the target consumer is, which in turn will help them place ads in the appropriate places.

Do Not Go Overboard

Many online retailers, especially smaller ones, quickly get overeager and go overboard by creating too many buyer personas. While most businesses will have multiple buyer personas, creating too many can have the opposite effect and cause a marketing campaign to go in too many different directions. The last thing a business wants is to become too wrapped up in creating profiles and forget which one requires their focus.

Take the time to create one or two buyer personas from marketing research and customer history so that it can focus any marketing campaign going forward. Too many new businesses try and market to everybody, which results in bland advertising that has no direction and, ultimately, markets to nobody. Remain focused on the buyer persona and allow it to guide how and where the marketing campaign unfolds.