How to Use Facebook Live to Engage with Your Followers

How to Use Facebook Live to Engage with Your FollowersLive streaming has quickly becoming the next logical progression to sharing video content online and Facebook has jumped into the pool with Facebook Live.

The immediacy of live streaming is something followers have eagerly embraced, but it has come with certain challenges for the content creators. Carefully crafting the perfect video to share is not an option when going Live, but this exciting medium offers new ways to engage with followers.

Build A Following With Can’t Miss Streams

Videos can be watched at any time at the leisure of the viewer, but Facebook Live offers the opportunity to present can’t miss events that need to be watched as they happen. With quality Live videos, any brand can build a new following of viewers who will not want to miss out.

By sending out notifications well in advance of going Live, any brand offers an incentive for following and will increase the amount of viewers.

Respond To Comments While Live

A nice perk to Facebook Live is that comments will be as live as the video, offering those streaming an opportunity to personally respond to the viewer immediately. This face to face interaction is craved by customers and followers and provides a fantastic opportunity for businesses to build their reputation with weekly Q&A’s where they will respond to customer concerns.

Why Is Video Important On Facebook?

If a brand is already on the world’s largest social media platform, then why would they even need to bother with videos? Creating and sharing immersive content that is engaging takes time and energy, but it’s well worth it.

Facebook has been planning Live for a while and, because they see video as the future of social content, they started implementing small features that focused on video. Facebook’s News Feed began to prioritize video content over other kinds, so any brand that created videos was being rewarded. This is a sign that anybody trying to engage with followers on Facebook will need to embrace video as a way to do that.

The way followers choose to consume their media evolves at a frantic pace and to stay ahead of the competition brands need to evolve with their audience. Live streaming is the newest way to watch video online and finding unique ways to use it for your own business will keep a generation of consumers following you.