How To Work Less And Make More Money Using Virtual Assistants

In order to become successful, every real estate agent and mortgage loan officer needs to learn how to allocate time for the greatest return on investment.

Bill Gates was once asked, when attending the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas, if he gambled. He answered, “I would only gamble if I could win time.”

Even billionaires realize that time is the most precious resource that they have. It is possible to make more money; however, until someone invents a time machine it is not possible to make more time.

How To Leverage Marketing Efforts

The 80/20 rule is an effective guideline. About 80 percent of success comes from around 20 percent of the client base. The need to expand marketing efforts to find the most profitable clients is ever present for real estate brokers and agents.

How does a real estate firm find those valuable clients? In many cases, the clients find the firm. This only happens if the online presence of the firm and its principals is sophisticated enough to have a message in a place where potential clients can find it.

Effective Use Of Social Media

Social Media MarketingSocial media efforts are now critical components of online marketing. We like two social media systems for cost-effective new client acquisition when trying to find real estate clients.

LinkedIn is a superb choice for networking with commercial real estate clients. Pinterest is an often overlooked resource that provides an effective way to find home buyers and sellers.

Content Marketing To Establish Expertise

Becoming known as an expert in a market area for real estate or mortgage is enhanced by providing quality content to the members of LinkedIn. These are not sales pieces; however, they do get an agent’s name and firm in front of potential clients. The content must be relevant and useful.

On Pinterest, the marketing efforts are collections of photos. Pinterest attracts a strong demographic of females who are the decision-makers about homes for their families. Having collections of attractive photos on Pinterest, of homes that are current listings and homes that sold in the past, is a terrific marketing tool for attracting new clients.

Virtual Assistants

All of this content creation and social media marketing sounds like a lot more work. It is, just not for the agent or broker. Clever marketers have content created for them by freelancers. They implement social media marketing campaigns by using virtual assistants, so they don’t have to do anything more than supervise the efforts.

Virtual assistants are experts in certain social media systems like LinkedIn or Pinterest. They can easily be contacted online by searching for “virtual assistant” and the social media system name.

They can be hired on a temporary basis as a strategy to find one who is very effective. Track the performance metrics of the investment made in social media marketing to be sure the resource allocation is appropriate.

Social Media Marketing Is Critical

Social media marketing is a critical activity for real estate agents and brokers. The advantages of using a virtual assistant, who is in charge of the efforts on a social media system, are that the agent and firm gets all the benefits without having to waste more valuable staff time doing the grunt work.

I’d love to share those two with you as well as a simple, automated roadmap to guarantee your online marketing success.

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