Influencer Marketing: 4 Effective Ways to Reach out to Influencers

Influencer Marketing: 4 Effective Ways to Reach out to InfluencersInfluencer marketing is the future of digital marketing and for a good reason. While it is still technically advertising, it’s a much more organic form that has a higher conversion rate. Consumers now choose a small sample of tastemakers they trust to listen to for advice on new products. The trick is finding an effective way to reach out to these influencers without getting lost in the shuffle.

Create A Relationship Before Making Demands

Many businesses are unsuccessful when reaching out to influencers because they treat them like any other professional service; they make a direct business offer and expect a prompt response. They forget that these are people who have a strong passion for their subject and don’t treat it like a job.

Take the time to establish a relationship before reaching out on a professional level. Send an email or post a message on their account telling them how much you enjoy their material. Get to know them as people and they will appreciate the effort.

Take The Time To Learn About The Influencer

The more someone knows about the influencer they wish to be in business with, the more effectively they can communicate with him or her. The proper research should be done on any tastemaker so that their story is second nature. Not only will they be grateful, but the research can provide a better idea of which influencers will fit the brand.

Be Open To A Collaborative Relationship

Although influencer marketing is really just another form of advertising, it’s one that requires the assistance of the tastemaker in question. While there will be money or products changing hands in exchange for a write-up or video of the product, it doesn’t mean these people are true employees. The influencers know what works on their audience and will expect a successful relationship to be a collaborative one where their ideas are listened to and taken seriously.

Sometimes It’s Better To Start Small

While there is certainly a substantial benefit from having a product promoted by an influencer with a million Instagram followers, sometimes it’s better to start small and keep a more realistic aim. It can often be more effective to find an influencer who has a smaller reach but one that is contained locally so that word of mouth can spread throughout the community.

The more popular an influencer becomes, the harder it is to get them on board for a marketing campaign. In many cases it’s better to try and create strong relationships with influencers on their way up instead of waiting until they are already at the top.