Instagram Is A Great Way To Promote Your Mortgage Business

When Instagram started out, it was purely a social media site that was used to post personal candid photos. However, that’s no longer true of Instagram today.

In April 2012, Facebook bought Instagram and that purchase has integrated the two platforms including adding Facebook’s detailed advertising system to Instagram.

In fact, these two platforms are so integrated that you can do much of your Instagram ad ordering and post boosting from Facebook.

Here are some unique ways to promote your mortgage business on Instagram.

1. Take Candid Shots of Homes

When you arrange a mortgage for a new homeowner, ask them to send you a photo of themselves standing in front of the new home. Or better yet, ask them if you can stop by and take a few pictures of their home. Select the best image and post it on Instagram (with their permission) and tag them.

Add a couple of hashtags such as #happyclients, #newhomeowners, or #newhome. This is a quick way to do a little value-add for your current clients and promote your business to all of their friends.

Hashtags on Instagram are searchable, giving your future clients a list of photos to see if you consistently use the same hashtags. Your clients will appreciate the mention and their friends will all see the image they are tagged in.

To double up on this promotion, you can post it on other social sites from Instagram.

Watch this short Instagram overview video to see how I use Instagram!


2. Use Instagram Management Software

Social media management software is available from several companies, and most people have their favorites.  One popular program is Tailwind which posts on a schedule to Instagram.

You can set up your posts ahead of time, schedule when they will post, how many posts you have each day and include any links or notes you want. Then you don’t need to worry about posting while you are busy with clients.

These posts can also be set up to share to other social media sites.

3. Create Your Story on Instagram

You can create your story on Instagram with a compilation of video and still images. These will appear in your feed, and the collection will appear at the top of people’s feeds.

Your story has its own URL so you can link to it from a newsletter or blog post. Invite Instagram users to visit your story.

Videos don’t have to be long. In fact, short ones are more popular and you can share a funny moment or discovery at a home you visit. Or you can share personal information.

4. Create Ads

You can boost a post or create a separate ad for Instagram on the platform or from Facebook. Remember that the ad needs to be visual, and something users will see quickly.

You only have a few seconds to catch the attention of someone scrolling through their feed on their phone. Instagram is primarily a mobile device only platform, so while you can set up an ad on Facebook on your computer, you should finalize it on a mobile device. That is where your prospects will see it.


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By Mikel Erdman

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