Are You Linked In Using LinkedIn To Grow Your Business?

Connecting With Clients Using LinkedIn
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When you think about marketing on social networks, you might only think about Facebook, Twitter, and other general social networks.

You’re doing your marketing efforts a major disservice here, however, because LinkedIn presents many opportunities to build business and repeat customers.

Use LinkedIn To Find Additional Opportunities

You might already use LinkedIn to keep in touch with all of your colleagues, but you can also use your network to find opportunities to market your services and keep in touch with previous clients.

It’s a great B2B platform especially, since you can find out exactly who the decision makers are in a company and get your message to them directly.

The first thing that you want to do is to try to find mutual acquaintances that give you a reason for getting in touch with potential clients on LinkedIn.

You don’t want to just message them out of the blue, as that could rightfully be seen as spamming. Instead, get introduced by mutual networks and groups so you can make that initial connection.

You Can Create Your Own LinkedIn Groups

Another way to work the marketing angle on LinkedIn is to create a group specifically for your area of expertise. You can have leads coming right to you, instead of needing to go out and chase them down.

This is great for generating warmer leads, or as another way of connecting within your industry. It also showcases your expertise and authority in the field, so you’ll build trust even before you start talking to potential clients.

LinkedIn also offers ads, although this is a paid option and might not give you the targeted focus that direct efforts would yield.

No matter which way you would like to market, LinkedIn gives you a great opportunity for social network marketing in a much more focused venue than general social networks. You’ll be pleased with the results.

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By Mikel Erdman

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