3 Important Tips For Real Estate Marketing on Facebook

social media marketing real estate mortgageWith 1.5 billion profiles and growing, Facebook remains one of the core platforms for real estate agents who are looking to make a name for themselves and ramp up sales. With a bigger audience, however, comes bigger responsibilities and more competition.

Real estate marketing on Facebook is a skill set and an art form. Some agents who use it have not really dug into the potential of the platform – simply showing up is not enough.

Here are some tried and true tips for successful real estate marketing on Facebook.

Start a Group

Facebook is all about localization. One of the best ways to localize is to start a group with a subject matter based closely around the geographic location and demographics of an agent’s core audience.

For instance, we’re in Phoenix, Arizona.  So we might start a group titled “Phoenix AZ First Time Home Buyers” or “Phoenix Arizona VA Home Loans” which are localized and targeted groups.  We can then focus on sharing or creating content that is specific to the interests of those groups.

The group should be related to real estate, but should not promote a culture of hard selling. Value building is the key, especially when people know the basic reason why you are there.

Value Building

Value building is essential for standing out in a crowded Facebook space.

What is value building?

Basically, whenever you interact with a customer at a touchpoint, you are bringing new information that is relevant and timely. You are adding value whenever the prospect sees you.

Once you have earned a reputation for doing this, your prospect will begin to see you as an expert in the field. People naturally seek out experts when they are seriously considering a purchase, and the real estate industry is no different.

Facebook Ads

Sometimes you will need to put some gas on the fire during a hot season. You can do this through Facebook Ads.

Look at ads like a short term fix that can also provide information for your long term organic strategies. However, your Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) for ads should be all about conversions and revenue.

You can focus on your target audience very precisely with ads, so do not be afraid to pay a bit more for the specificity.

These best practices above will give you a leg up on Facebook, arguably the most important social media platform for the real estate and mortgage industries.

Start exclusive groups, add value and use Facebook ads in a judicious way, and you should quickly find your stock and revenues rising in the world of real estate marketing.

By Mikel Erdman

Mikel Erdman is the founder of MySMARTblog and RealtyBlogContent. He is a published author and speaking authority on topics including marketing automation and how technology can positively affect company and individual sales efforts. If you like the idea of world-class content marketing in a completely automated system, Click Here for his valuable, limited time offer.