The Benefits of Sharing Other People’s Facebook Content

The Benefits of Sharing Other People's Facebook ContentContent curation is the process of sorting through content that is being posted on social media and across the web and selecting only the best and most relevant to share on Facebook.

There are many benefits to sharing other people’s content on Facebook, but it needs to be handled carefully with proper credit attributed back to the creator. This will protect from any backlash while allowing additional followers to migrate over from these social media accounts.

Curate The Strongest Content On The Web

By sharing content on Facebook, individuals or companies have the ability to only post content that has been proven to be strong and well received. There is no risk that the content well be disliked or offensive in any way.

Sharing content from a competitor or similar brand has an added benefit as their followers will be in the same demographic so the account acts as a content testing ground for your own followers.

Grow Followers With Proven Consistency

Now that only strong content is being posted, it creates a sense of consistency so followers will understand that the page they are looking at will only continue to post content they enjoy. New followers will look back through a post history before subscribing and the shared content will show a proven track record that any new reader will happily follow.

Save Time By Mixing Content Creation With Content Sharing

Creating original content can be difficult and time consuming. When a brand shares content created by other people on their own Facebook page, it allows them the extra time needed to make sure their own content is strong enough to be shared by others.

There needs to be a balanced ratio between original content and shared content, but what that ratio is will change from person to person. Once additional content starts being shared however, it can be very easy for those ratios to swing heavily away from original content. It’s important to remember to use curated content to lure in followers while still entertaining them with solid original posts.

Content curation is a valuable tool that can be used on Facebook, for blogs or any other social media account. There is a tipping point where curation can turn into stealing and without properly crediting content and supplying a decent amount of original content, followers will begin to leave. Curate content, but make sure to do so responsibly.