The Quick and Dirty Guide to Using Hootsuite to Manage Your Small Business Social Media

The Quick and Dirty Guide to Using Hootsuite to Manage Your Small Business Social MediaWhen large businesses are using Hootsuite to handle all of their social media needs, there is no reason small businesses should not be taking advantage of the program as well.

Hootsuite has both free and subscription based programs designed to assist people with managing multiple social media accounts that service the same brand. While the application may appear daunting, the simple learning curve is what keeps people raving about it.

Social Media Without The Distractions

The Hootsuite interface provides built-in support for LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook as well as offering a well-received App Directory that provides integration for YouTube and Instagram among many others.

Keeping all business accounts under one roof allows professionals to seamlessly navigate through all platforms from one program without any of the distractions.

Respond Instantly To Brand Mentions

While the unique, columned design that Hootsuite is known for is a fantastic way to view multiple accounts on one interface, it’s always an effective way to monitor for mentions of the brand, retweets from followers and private messages. This allows small companies that can’t justify hiring a social media expert the opportunity to reply immediately when somebody publically mentions them.

The professional version of Hootsuite allows multiple users to remain active so one manager can allocate these mentions to specific employees to respond to, taking away any confusion over whether or not social mentions have been properly dealt with.

Using The Scheduler To Save Hours Of Work

Most businesses have pre-set social media posts or tweets that are written in advance and posted at optimal times. While this is done to save time in an effective manner, it can still take hours to manually schedule multiple posts across multiple social media platforms.

The upgraded, professional version of Hootsuite allows clients to use its bulk scheduling feature to upload a cache of tweets, written in advance, to be posted in the weeks ahead. This is especially helpful for businesses that use the same messaging multiple times in one month, like reminders for sales or specials that only apply on a certain day of the week.

A small business needs every advantage it can get to maximize its reach and increase the amount of impressions it receives online. Hootsuite is one of the leading programs anybody can use to help their small business grow its social media presence.