Thinking About an Influencer Marketing Campaign? How to Reach out to Thought Leaders in Your Space

hand draw speech bubblesInfluencer marketing is one of the latest trends emerging in today’s marketing strategies. Every company should know how to launch their own influencer campaign as studies have shown that 92 percent of global consumers place more credence in word-of-mouth recommendations from trusted friends and family. Authentic marketing messages seem to be more effective than traditional forms of advertising. Here are some of the benefits of influencer marketing and how you can reach out to your influencers.

1. Reach Out to Them on Social Media

Influencers are capable of spreading the word faster and reaching more people than traditional forms of media. When influencers share their positive experiences, readers tend to believe influencers’ statements over a statement issued by the company’s marketing team. Your company will gain credibility faster and gain more recognition with influencers. Social media is one of the easiest ways to reach out to influencers who have many followers that they share and communicate with online.

2. Use Tools to Identify Social Media Influencers

Klout will measure the reach of a user’s Twitter account, which will tell you how influential your market is. PeerIndex will identify the influencers in your market segment, and it’ll show you how to engage with them. BuzzSumo and Twitonomy will help you identify, which content is share the most. The authors with the most shares will be your influencers.

3. Blog and Engage in Discussions

Create discussions through blogs. When discussions begin, you’ll quickly discover who your influencers are by the way they interact with other people in the community. Blogs are an effective way to make sales conversions and also to identify influencers.

4. Build Long Term Relationships

Loyal customers help to build thriving businesses. They lower marketing costs and help companies create sustainable businesses over a long period of time. Customers tend to stay with companies that appreciate their business and appreciate their opinions about their products and services. Build long term relationships for a lasting business.

Make every attempt to reach out to the thought leaders in your space. These people influencers and can offer ideas to help improve your product or services. They can also get the word out to people if you have a new product or service. Increase your sales and exposure by engaging your thought leaders and influencers.