Trying to Improve Your Social Media Following? 3 Reasons You Should Be Watching Your Competitors

Improving Your Social Media Following By Monitoring Your CompetitionSocial media is an imperative tool for any small business that wants to grow its consumer base and website traffic. Unsatisfied customers can use social media to destroy a brand and satisfied customers can make it viral, giving it a reach that would have otherwise been impossible.

Anybody who wants to increase their followers can learn from an extremely unexpected source: their competitors. Watching how competing brands manage their social media accounts can provide beneficial information for a variety of reasons.

Always Match Content Output Of Competitive Brands

How active should a company’s social media account be? How many tweets or posts are too many for a follower to handle? One way to find out is by watching a competitive brand and seeing how active it is on social media.

This tactic is an effective way of making sure a social media presence does not drag behind close competitors while using those competitors as a way of testing how much output followers are willing to tolerate.

Monitoring Competitors’ Social Media Mentions Provides Valuable Consumer Insight

Most businesses are set up to monitor their own social media mentions, but few take the next logical step of monitoring mentions of their competitors. By tracking what people are saying about the competition, a business can gain insight into how potential consumers or clients are reacting to new advertising strategies.

This also provides an opportunity to generate leads from unsatisfied customers by communicating with them directly and offering an alternative.

Learn From How They Handle Customer Service Complaints

Social media has become an amazing tool for customers to voice their frustration with a product or business and get really fast results when they do so. Customer service is one of the single most important aspects of social media, and ineffective assistance can bury a brand.

Any small business with no social media customer service experience can do well by monitoring how similar companies handle grievances and learn from what works and what doesn’t.

Social media presences are public representations of businesses and need to be used in a professional manner. Keeping a close eye on how competitive social media accounts handle success and failure can keep a small business from falling behind. It’s also a great way of seeing new advertising techniques and whether or not they are effective before incorporating them into your own marketing strategy.