What Is Facebook Canvas and Why Should You Care

What Is Facebook Canvas and Why Should You CareCanvas is Facebook’s latest marketing campaign for brands that use the social media giant and it’s a game changer for marketers. Canvas is built into Facebook’s mobile app and presents a series of fast loading and easy to navigate photos, videos and product sets.

It seems like these major online presences are always rolling out new marketing ventures and it can become difficult to tell if they are worthy of attention. Facebook Canvas has taken all the right steps to be one advertising system that no brand should ignore.

Helping To Solve The Mobile Problem

Browsing on mobile is not the same as browsing on a computer or even a tablet. Readers can quickly navigate between websites while browsing the internet on their computer, but most mobile viewing is happening within apps.

Because users do not want to switch apps or be redirected to another app that will need to load an external site, brands have found it difficult to effectively market to these mobile users. Facebook Canvas operates within the Facebook application and exposes visitors to an array of products right there on their phone, without forcing them out of the app.

Helps Businesses That Are Behind The Times

It can be difficult for small businesses to find the time or money to keep updating their website every time a new online marketing trend emerges. Companies that do not offer a homepage that is optimized for mobile will instantly kill any chance of converting mobile visitors into customers or subscribers.

With Facebook Canvas, these companies do not need to worry about losing the chance to expose readers to their products just because of a website that is slightly out of date. Reader abandonment will decrease significantly if Facebook Canvas becomes the preferred method for browsing products.

Intuitive And Easy To Use

Facebook has designed the Canvas experience to be a user-friendly and customizable one, so brands have full control over how their content and products are exposed to customers. A call to action can be used at the end of the canvas to send users to check out the store, sign up for a newsletter or even purchase an item right there within Facebook.

Facebook Canvas has a step by step guide that makes it simple for anybody to create their own Canvas to expose subscribers to great products and advertisements. There is no longer any reason to rely on an external website, which can be quickly abandoned by mobile readers, when a simple solution is now available to Facebook users.