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Infographics: the Perfect Solution for a Blog That’s Feeling a Little “Text Heavy”

Whether you're starting to feel like your blog posts are a little wordy or you simply want to break up the monotony a bit, you'll find that infographics are an excellent way to communicate your message using a visual medium. In today's blog post we'll explore infographics and explain why they are a useful solution for those who have "text heavy" blogs. Creating Infographics That Tell Your Story If you've never seen one before, an infographic is a large image that tells some sort of story or translates some otherwise boring statistical data into a visual piece that is more…
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Three Ways You Can Leverage Content Marketing to Promote a “Boring” Product or Service

Whether you're responsible for marketing blenders, a software that helps people with their taxes or mortgages, you may find that marketing a somewhat boring product isn't always easy. Let's take a look at three ways that you can leverage content marketing to promote a product, service or other offering that might be seen as unexciting or commonplace to your customers. Using Your Blog to Educate Your Potential Customers In order to see a lot of success with content marketing you'll need to develop a plan around how you are going to produce content, what topics you will cover and more.…
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Simple Blog Marketing Plan To Grow Your Network And Multiply Your Referrals!

If you ask five real estate agents what they think the best real estate blog marketing tool is, you will probably get five different answers. Because of this, it is important that new agents try a few different marketing methods when first beginning a marketing plan. Then, it may pay off to look into some marketing automation options. These three marketing tools are a great place to begin. Video Potential buyers love to see what makes a house unique and the sellers are happy to showcase all the little details of a house that can get lost in a regular listing. Creating a Youtube…
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Here’s How Top Mortgage Producers Do Over $100 Million Every Year

Lots of mortgage loan officers want to be ultra successful. Like closing $100 Million dollars in home loan transaction volume every single year. Well, it takes a number of things done by a mortgage producer effectively to get to that level of success. And one of the most important of those important things to be successful in the mortgage industry is having top-notch marketing systems that happen consistently. Now top producing mortgage loan officers know that they can't manage every little detail themselves. They understand that hitting huge numbers and making a lot of money in the mortgage business requires them to…
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You’ve Got A Friend In Real Estate – Blogging To Stay Connected For Referrals

Social Media Reaches 71% of All Home Buyers Rather than trying to market your services to potential clients, the goal of social media marketing should be to position yourself as a knowledgeable friend. This is because everyone likes to say they have an inside connection, they know someone, and the goal is to make sure all your contacts think of you as the go-to real estate agent. Maintaining regular contact with your previous clients, agents you have met throughout your career, as well as friends and family will drive referrals and sales. However, it is nearly impossible to regularly keep…
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How Does Metcalfe’s Law Help You Use Content Marketing To Drive Business?

I was doing some research for a marketing white paper and came across this interesting law called Metcalfe's law in a list of 10 technology laws. "3Com founder Bob Metcalfe's Law originally described fax machines and computers, but it applies equally to the internet and to internet services such as Facebook: the value of a telecommunications network is proportional to the square of the number of connected users of the system. A social network with one user is completely useless; with a billion, it becomes almost essential." That's an interesting comment on how important a social network and leveraging technology to communicate effectively…
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