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Ten Strange Facts You Didn’t Know About Sleep and Dreams

The human brain is fascinating and bizarre, and even the most advanced scientists still don’t understand exactly how it works. One of the strangest phenomena that the brain produces is dreams. What are these sleeping hallucinations and why do we have them? There are many theories as to why we dream, but no one really fully understands the science of sleep and dreaming. Here are ten of the strangest facts about sleeping and dreaming: Within five minutes of waking up, you have already forgotten 50% of your dream. Within 10 minutes of awakening, you will have forgotten 90%. People who…
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10 Fast Facts About LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the most effective social networking websites online.  I use LinkedIn on a daily basis to connect with people, uncover new referral opportunities and share information.  I like the fact that it is more business focused and find that I can connect with high-quality people easily.  I've even signed up for their paid service as it seems to offer good value for the expense.  I'd highly recommend it to you as well. Here's an article with recent facts about LinkedIn: 10 Fast Facts About LinkedIn by Jesse Noyes on February 1, 2011 in Social Media 1. Million…
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