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Top Secret Tip To Ramp Up Your Online Marketing Profits

Don't get caught up in developing more fancy technology than you need to support your immediate business needs. Focus on lead generation with basic, but professional, tools and invest in testing and confirming marketing strategies. Once the leads are coming in, you can improve the technology to do more cool stuff! I just finished a consulting call with a client and although a custom piece of software would be really cool, he needs to develop the lead flow to warrant the investment in the software. Keep your eyes on the prize: Profitability!    
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Five Things to Do With a Windfall Other Than Spend It Right Away!

Perhaps you have won the lottery, received an inheritance, or cashed in one of your investments, and now you have a large sum of money you don’t know what to do with. Although it is tempting to cruise around town in a brand new sports car it is important to think carefully about how to spend your newfound cash. To give you some ideas on the smartest way to use your new wealth, here are five things to do with a windfall other than spend it right away: 1. Erase Your Debt Your newfound money will allow you to clear…
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