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Top Tips For Real Estate and Mortgage Sales Success

<<Please SHARE this post if you like it!<< Real Estate sales and mortgage loan origination is a unique business which requires trust and confidence by the potential client early on in the relationship. In fact, the first two minutes of the initial meeting are critical to establishing the tone of the entire mortgage transaction and future client relationship. These same principles apply to Real Estate customers as well.  I've put together a few tips to help you manage that initial introduction successfully and turn your customers into commission producing raving fans. Be Yourself The key to a positive first impression is the…
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Build A Referral Based Real Estate Business Today

<<<=== Share This Blog Post To Help The Business Owners You Care About There's nothing quite like receiving a referral or a strong recommendation from a client. It's one of the best ways to meet new customers and if you have a customer base that actively recommends and brings you referral customers, that's an incredibly valuable thing. However while it's easier than you'd think, many people continue to think that it's simply not achievable. Building A Referral Based Business Is All About Trust The truth however is that building any referral based business is all about trust. You're ultimate goal if…
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