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Want To Know Why Every Minute Counts In Your Online Lead Generation Strategy?

Every minute counts when you're competing to generate leads for your business online. In fact, every second counts! << Please share this post here if you like it! << Have you ever seen the incredible amount of activity happening online every 60 seconds? Check out this video and you'll be amazed! If you'd like to see a large version of that infographic, just click here!    
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3 Tools To Update Your Followers More Efficiently: Automate Your Social Media Posts

Here Are 3 Ways To Update Your Social Media Sphere Of Influence Quickly And Easily! Savvy real estate agents and mortgage lenders know the value of tapping into social media like Facebook and Twitter. Reaching all of those potential clients for free is like a gift from heaven. However, to make the most of these marketing outlets you need to interact regularly with your followers...and that may mean several daily posts. Spending that much time on your social media accounts is something that's easier said than done, especially with a real estate agent's busy and unpredictable schedule. Fortunately, there's a…
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You’ve Got A Friend In Real Estate – Blogging To Stay Connected For Referrals

Social Media Reaches 71% of All Home Buyers Rather than trying to market your services to potential clients, the goal of social media marketing should be to position yourself as a knowledgeable friend. This is because everyone likes to say they have an inside connection, they know someone, and the goal is to make sure all your contacts think of you as the go-to real estate agent. Maintaining regular contact with your previous clients, agents you have met throughout your career, as well as friends and family will drive referrals and sales. However, it is nearly impossible to regularly keep…
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Engage, Don’t Interrupt: Use Content Marketing As A Tool To Gain Trust And Confidence

If you've been using the Internet for any length of time, then you have almost certainly seen them. They are as annoying as buzzing insects, and the way to get rid of them is in fact similar to the way you swat a fly. “They” are banner ads. At one time a staple of web-based marketing, now these annoying messages are universally despised. The few companies that still use get very little in return. In fact, it's possible that these display ads showing up all over the web might do more harm than good. Recent marketing studies have shown that…
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What Mortgage Companies Need To Know About Social Media Compliance To Avoid Government Fines

Social Media & Mortgage Marketing – FFIEC Proposed Rule By: Karen Deis, Publisher, I’m sure not many people in the mortgage industry know who or what the “Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council” (FFIEC) is all about. Well, be prepared, because they are now one of the agencies “folded into” into the Consumer Finance Production Bureau group of agencies and they want you to implement a social media quality-control plan.  Not only companies as a whole, but loan officers, staff members and third-party providers. A little history:   Started in 1979, the FFIEC is an “internal federal agency” founded to create uniform…
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I’m Searching For Our ORTC O Event 2012 Drawing Winners

 Where's Waldo? Ha Ha.... ***UPDATE:  I've already got a call back from Kim Abbott and Brian Brandt! Congratulations to the winners,  Lynne Shapiro with West USA Realty and Andrew Ostrander with Keller Williams Arizona Realty! Wow. Wasn't the O Event great?  I've had the pleasure to be involved for two years now and it just keeps getting better.  Hats off to the team at Old Republic Title for the great work they do with this event! It was a lot of fun meeting you all there and giving away hundreds of the Utlimate Home Journal referral marketing gifts.  I hope…
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