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FREE LinkedIn Lead Generation eBook

Are you using LinkedIn to promote your business? LinkedIn is one of the most powerful social media networks on the planet.  LinkedIn specializes in connecting business people with each other to form high-value relationships. How can you take advantage of the leads and referrals that are waiting for you in LinkedIn? Start with the basics first. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is complete and gives enough personal and professional information that people feel like they have a good understanding of you and your business. Use LinkedIn to identify and target high quality, influential leaders that can either purchase your products…
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The Amazing Power of Twitter!

Amazing Twitter Statistics!   Did you know that 65% of Fortune Global 100 companies have Twitter accounts? Did you know that if content is great, it can end up on search engines through social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter. Did you know that 8% of U.S. Internet users use Twitter? There are 177 million Tweets per day. As a special bonus, here's my friend Pete Olsen's Twitter Guide on how he built a following of over 160,000 followers on his Twitter Account.  He usually charges $39 for this report, but I twisted his arm and got it for you for…
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