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Creating an Online Referral Network: Turning Personal Contacts into Professional Relationships

Make Sure You're Not Missing Your Closest Referral Opportunities <<<====== Share This Blog Post To Help The Business Owners You Care About Many business owners, including real estate agents and mortgage lenders, neglect to factor their circle of friends into the picture when looking to build their business. Real estate is a business of intimate relationships; home buying is a personal process that necessitates a great deal of trust. The endorsement by people who know you and have experienced your work performance is one of the most overlooked referral marketing tools available. Social media makes starting and fostering these high…
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10 Fast Facts About LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the most effective social networking websites online.  I use LinkedIn on a daily basis to connect with people, uncover new referral opportunities and share information.  I like the fact that it is more business focused and find that I can connect with high-quality people easily.  I've even signed up for their paid service as it seems to offer good value for the expense.  I'd highly recommend it to you as well. Here's an article with recent facts about LinkedIn: 10 Fast Facts About LinkedIn by Jesse Noyes on February 1, 2011 in Social Media 1. Million…
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