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Did You Know? This Just Might Surprise You

Q: What famous storyteller had to write a new story for himself after a near-fatal crash crushed his dream of becoming a race car driver? A: George Lucas Director, writer and producer George Lucas was raised on a walnut ranch in Modesto, CA. He originally set sights on becoming a race car driver, but a near-death car accident just before high school graduation radically changed his views on life. The force was definitely with him that day--the car rolled and the racing harness snapped, throwing him from the car. Had he not been thrown he would've been crushed to death…
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What Color Are Your Underwear? Strange New Years Eve Traditions from Around the World

Your family might have an unusual or funny tradition that you enjoy every New Year’s Eve, such as cooking a certain dish or watching a particular movie, or perhaps you like to go to a party with your friends and tie one on until the sun comes up. However, how do your local festivities compare to these strange New Year’s traditions from around the world? Dangerous Danish Customs In Denmark, the thing to do on the stroke of midnight is to climb up on the nearest chair and leap off into the air. It is believed that this will banish…
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