4 Must Do’s for Small Business Bloggers

A small business blog is a great marketing tool. Every small business should host a blog on their official website to keep clients and customers informed of new happenings and entertained with relevant posts. Blogs are fantastic marketing tools and remaining up to date on blogging best practices is necessary in order to stay relevant.

Here are 4 must do’s for content marketing that are being successfully implemented by small business bloggers to increase their leads and expand their reach.

Focus On Original Content

‘Content is king’ has been a popular phrase among digital marketers for some time, and for a very good reason. Strong, original content is what drives readers to websites and creates brand loyalty.

Repurposing content can be a useful tool, but focusing on creating original content that will be re-blogged by others is the best way for a business to expand its customer base. Less frequent posts of a higher quality are more effective than a high output of average quality material that does not provide any new or unique perspective.

Maintain Brand Consistency On Social Media Platforms

As new social media platforms grow in popularity, brands create accounts to take advantage. The problem is when there is not a consistent brand message across all the social media platforms because one or more become neglected for the newest trend.

Readers can find a blog through their chosen social media account and the website needs to be an accurate reflection of what has been presented. A quick social media audit will fix this issue and guarantee brand consistency for all readers.

Supplement Written Material With Videos

Product demonstrations and explainer videos have become a popular way to supplement a blog post and provide helpful information to consumers. These videos, when collected in a branded YouTube account, can bring in a new audience who are searching for their information on the video site.

Produce A Mobile-Supported Blog

Most people are browsing and searching the internet on mobile devices instead of laptops or desktops. If a blog is not mobile-friendly, these readers will quickly find another source of information that is.

In 2017 there is no excuse to keep a website that can’t be easily read and browsed on all mobile devices. Any business that has not redesigned their blog for smart phones and tablets should know that their competitors probably have.

Content marketing trends change constantly, but original content will always help a brand stand out to both consumers and re-bloggers looking to showcase new voices.