Crafting the Perfect Welcome Email for New Subscribers: 3 Essential Components

Crafting the Perfect Welcome Email for New Subscribers: 3 Essential ComponentsA welcome email will be the first point of contact for new subscribers after they have given a business their email address and the go ahead to contact them through it. Starting with a generic email blast is not recommended, as consumers prefer a more personalized touch.

A well-crafted welcome email should be simple and friendly, while highlighting the benefits of subscribing to the email list. Here are 3 essential components to any welcome email:

Offer A Special Deal For New Subscribers

Start off on a high note by offering the new subscriber a deal for signing up to the email list. Many stores will offer a substantial discount on a particular product, while professional services will offer a discount on a key service. Some companies prefer offering a general code that provides a certain percent off of the next order.

It doesn’t matter what deal is being offered to the new customer, as long as there is something to show them that when an email arrives they will need to open it immediately. It’s a strong message to send right at the beginning of the relationship and as long as follow-up emails don’t disappoint, it should keep them invested in the brand.

Highlight The Benefits Or Remaining A Subscriber

Getting a customer or reader to sign up to an email list is one thing, but the next step is to keep them from hitting the ‘unsubscribe’ button. Every welcome email should reaffirm why the subscriber wanted to sign up in the first place by making a strong list of benefits to receiving the emails.

Does the company offer limited-time deals through the email list? Make a point of it. Will email subscribers be the first to be made aware of new products or services? Mention it in the welcome email. Every selling point should be written clearly for the new subscriber to see.

Provide The Opportunity To Connect Through Social Media

No company should ever be content with their current reach. There is always an opportunity to get customers and clients to connect through various platforms. Every successful welcome email has easy to locate social media buttons so that readers can connect to the brand through the platform of their choice with one easy click.

The emails should be simple and friendly with colorful photos of any products offered. Make sure to keep them infrequent so the customers do not feel like they are being spammed and you should not have a problem keeping subscribers.