Breathe New Life into Your Old Blog Posts with These Three Tips

25463283_SIf you are a blogger, you know the struggle is real. You pour hours into a post, researching, writing, photographing, perfecting… and then, you publish your post only to enjoy a week’s worth of fame and site traffic before your post enters the archives, rarely to be seen or read again.

If this scenario seems all too real to you, the good news is there’s hope. Refreshing your old content is one of the best ways to increase your readership while saving you some time. Not sure how to breathe new life into your old content? Use these three simple tips.

1. Update the Images

One of the best ways to attract readers, customers, or just onlookers in general is with beautiful, eye-catching photos. If you are considering updating old content, one of the first places you’ll want to start is in the images. Whether you simply add more photos to a post or take the time to create completely new images, this step alone will enhance your old content.

Attractive images make your content more visually appealing and, yes, more shareable. Visual social media sites like Pinterest function on appropriate and attractive imaging, so you’ll be doing yourself a huge favor by simply reworking the images in your old post. Keep in mind that each post should have a minimum of two or three images.

2. Create a Mashup

As bloggers, we sometimes tend to think that our content must be read in individual doses in a particular order. However, that’s typically not the way readers peruse your site. Your readers arrive randomly from social media shares or via search engines and often don’t end up reading connected or related content within your posts.

Consider creating a “frequently asked questions” post, a guide or a how-to that incorporates links to several of your previous blog posts. Presenting your contact in a new format, even if it just answers a number of questions, is a simple way to refresh your content without taking a lot of time to completely rework a post.

3. Switch up the Format

Another great way to refresh your content is by changing the format of a blog post. It is also a great way to reach new social media platforms and extend your network. Consider formatting an old post into a video or SlideShare presentation to make it even more user friendly. Or, compile several posts or a blog series into an eBook.

There is no reason your old content has to go to waste. Consider breathing new life into your old content with the above tips and you’ll enjoy a wider audience and additional visitor traffic.