3 Facebook Ad Tips for Businesses on a Budget

3 Facebook Ad Tips for Businesses on a BudgetA non-existent marketing budget is no reason for small businesses to miss out on the chance to expose their brand to endless potential customers. Social media is one of the ways local businesses have made a name for themselves without a large ad agency behind them.

Facebook Ads was designed to allow these smaller companies the chance to be in charge of their own campaigns with an intuitive design they can customize on their own.

Test Multiple Images And Keep The One With The Most Engagement

It can be hard to anticipate which aspects of a Facebook Ad will engage readers to click through or make a purchase. In an Instagram world, the right image associated with a Facebook Ad can make the difference between a successful campaign and an unsuccessful one.

Test out the same Facebook Ad with three very different images and monitor how successful each one is, making sure to pause any campaigns that start to have a CPA that climbs past the desired amount.

Target Specific Demographics And Geographic Regions

It doesn’t matter how striking an image is or how effective the copy is, if an ad is being seen by somebody on the other side of the country who can’t use the services then it is a wasted opportunity that will only cost the business money.

Use the targeting features in Facebook Ads to guarantee that only people in the right age groups and the right city are being exposed to the offer.

Alter Ads Based On Available Data

Facebook provides a tremendous amount of data to small businesses on how well their ads are doing so that the companies can alter their ad campaign or plan future campaigns accordingly.

Facebook’s entire goal is to cut out the middle man and allow businesses that don’t have the budget for a marketing team to expose their brand to new customers easily and effectively. Routinely checking the data they have been provided allows them to do this.

Facebook Ads are one of the easiest ways for new businesses to target their message to the social media users who will be most receptive to it. It also allows companies to start small and grow their campaign if they believe it has been successful enough, so unsuccessful campaigns will not cost as much as on a larger platform. For local start-ups this style of advertising is a good launching off point.