3 Quick Changes to Optimize Your Landing Pages

3 Quick Changes to Optimize Your Landing PagesA well-designed and easy to navigate landing page can be one of the most effective tools for converting visitors into new clients or customers.

They can be tricky to utilize properly, but these 3 tips for optimizing landing pages can help any business increase its conversion rate.

A Simple Design Is Always Better

Every business’s first instinct is to fill up the landing page with as much information as possible. While providing information is not necessarily a bad thing to do, an excess of it will result in a page that is cluttered and overrun.

Design can be more important than content on landing pages, a simple layout is easier to navigate and a proper use of whitespace will draw attention to the points that are most important.

A strong image and information provided in bullet points instead of long passages will always be more pleasant to read than a wordy page where every inch has something crammed in. If a reader finds the landing page enjoyable to read, they will be more likely to convert.

Keep All Information In Immediate View

The landing page should fill the page and nothing more. If the information is not in the reader’s immediate view they will never see it. Nobody is going to scroll down on a landing page, that will be seen as intrusive and almost every visitor will close it down.

If there is so much information on the landing page that it can’t fill up one page, then there is too much information to properly convert and something will need to be cut. Identify the most crucial material and remove the rest.

Use The Limited Time Wisely

No reader will last longer than 10 seconds on a landing page and most readers will click off if their attention is not grabbed within 5 seconds. Every business needs to remember that nobody is visiting the site to see a landing page, it’s an immediate nuisance that needs to prove useful within those 5 seconds.

Take a quick look at the landing page that’s just been created. Does it take longer than 5 seconds to find the most important information? Does it take longer than 5 seconds to find out how to sign up? If the answer is ‘yes’ then the landing page needs to be simplified and any unnecessary information removed.

Present an enticing offer and provide an easy way to opt-in so readers will find themselves with an immediate opportunity to sign up and receive the information they want.