3 Simple Ways to Personalize Your Marketing Effort

3 Simple Ways to Personalize Your Marketing EffortAdding a personal touch to marketing campaigns can make a world of difference to the customers whose attention is being pulled in a million different directions. Personalization has become increasingly important with the new generation of consumers coming into adulthood, but thankfully it’s something that doesn’t require a full marketing department to achieve.

Publically Respond to Customers On Social Media

Social media is a strong tool for both businesses and consumers. New customers can look back through a brand’s social media presence to see how they handle complaints, while companies can use their accounts to prove they offer strong customer service.

This is the easiest way for any brand, from large corporations to local mom and pop shops, to add a layer of personalization to their marketing efforts. Social media requires two people to speak directly to one another and it makes customers feel like they are important when their issues are acknowledged publically and rectified.

Put A Human Persona To Company Emails

Basic form emails are a large part of marketing campaigns. One quick way to switch around the formula and add a touch of personalization, without having to write a unique email for each subscriber, is by sending corporate emails from an employee instead of from a nameless, faceless company.

Small companies that operate locally can try sending emails that are signed and sent by the owner. These emails can even have content that sounds less corporate and has more personality, as if written by a friendly owner instead of a digital marketer.

Focus Efforts On Social Customers

This is the information age and that information goes both ways. A quick audit of customers or subscribers can create detailed profiles of their online social activity, including which ones are active on social media. These are the people who will organically market on behalf of the brands they trust by tweeting and posting about them.

Discover which past customers are active on social media and offer up personalized promotions or offers for being loyal customers. This technique will result in earned marketing as these socially active users spread the word through their chosen form of media.

This is a connected world and consumers expect to feel connected to the brands they use. A small layer of personalization can make customers feel like the brand is invested in them and they will, in turn, remain invested in the brand.