4 Tips for Making Conversion-Boosting Product Videos

4 Tips for Making Conversion-Boosting Product VideosProduct videos are an exceptional way for consumers to familiarize themselves with a brand while having any questions answered before committing to making a purchase.

Any company or storefront that isn’t making its own product videos forfeits these potential customers to competitors as well as the ability to control the narrative.

Identify The Most Common Questions And Then Answer Them

The best product videos answer common questions that consumers will have about the product. By identifying which questions consumers will be asking, a content creator can set up the videos to be easily found in search engines.

Once these questions are identified, creators can record videos explaining the answers while making sure to include the question in the description or video title.

Keep The Content Short And To The Point

In today’s digital age, everybody wants information as soon as possible. Nobody has time to scroll through a page full of paragraphs to find the one sentence they want and they don’t have time to watch a 10-minute video with 2 minutes of information.

Keeping videos as short as possible increases the odds of a viewer clicking on it, and every click is one potential consumer who can be converted into a customer.

Don’t Wing It: A Solid Script Keeps The Video On Message

The best product videos, especially ones that explain aspects of the product, are always presented to be off-the-cuff or stream of consciousness. This makes it seem like the presenter is knowledgeable and passionate and can speak endlessly about the product.

The trick is that these videos are scripted in advance. If the creator attempts to speak without the benefit of a script, it increases the likelihood of missing key points or having unprofessional moments like dead air or stammering.

Feature The Video Prominently On The Product Page

An extensive YouTube channel can keep visitors watching for a long time, but a more effective way to convert them is by featuring these videos on the actual product page. Keeping the video embedded on the website where the product can be purchased makes it easier for the consumer to buy the item with as little effort as possible.

Product videos are an easy and effective way to increase brand awareness while expanding potential customers through a new platform. Any company that doesn’t take the time to produce product videos sacrifices the ability to convert browsers into loyal customers.