It’s All in the Title: 3 Data-driven Reasons Why You’ll Want to Split Test Your Blog Post Titles

Also known as A/B testing, split testing has become a popular method for determining the effectiveness of your website. With so many factors going into what makes your website a hit or a miss, from color to images to the way content is presented, split testing can be an important part of helping an already popular website gain even more interest. When it comes to your blog posts, here are three reasons you may want to try out this type of testing.

It Can Help Identify Your Niche

When it comes to the title of a blog post, it’s all about having something that is concise, clear and sums up your vision so that the website’s visitors will have a good sense of what your company is about. In many instances, it’s been proven that split-testing can actually increase the conversion rate for your website, so it’s all in the allure of a title. A simple split test can ensure that your titles are optimized to your viewer and in keeping with the style of your blog.

The Strength Of A Subheading

It goes without saying that a snappy headline can certainly draw a visitor into your website, but without the subheading to explain your title you may have a problem keeping your visitors engaged. With many pages opting for a heading or product title and a description, it’s important to include a bit of the meat of a post in your title so the added information can better engage your reader. This will explain what your business does and what your take is more effectively than an instant title that only garners a flicker of curiosity.

Insight For Your Marketing Strategy

A single blog post can convey a great deal about your blog and its message, and split testing will enable you to try out different approaches on your audience so that you know what is particularly appealing to them. This will not only enable you to determine what is more popular, it will help you hone your marketing strategy so that you know what approach will work with the audience you’re actively engaging.

When it comes to a blog title, what’s snappy to you and engaging to the next person might be two different things, but split testing will be able to help you in defining your audience. Once you have enough visitors to your web address, a simple split test will be able to tell you what’s keeping them there and stimulate additional growth.