Looking Back at 2015: 3 Statistics That Will Change the Way You Market Using Your Blog

Looking Back at 2015: 3 Statistics That Will Change the Way You Market Using Your BlogMarketing trends change every year as businesses attempt new and innovate ways to increase traffic and find new customers. It is important to learn from these trends at the end of every year, and use the statistics to gain an advantage going forward.

Here are three statistics from 2015 to help craft a better blog:

Blog Posts With Appropriate Images Receive 94% More Views

Readers are eager to consume information and move on with their day. A large wall of text can appear daunting, while a blog post with relevant images will ease in the reader, increasing the odds of conversion.

Infographics were on the rise in 2015 for this very reason. It’s a way to lure in readers with an easy to scan piece of content while still giving them all the information they came for. Blogs that didn’t use visual content in 2015 will need to experiment with the format in the coming year or risk being viewed as outdated.

70% Of Marketing Experts Believe Video Is The Best Medium For Conversion

One of the most alarming statistics to be released in 2015 is about the effectiveness of video marketing. Customers are starting to prefer consuming their content in video format, and this is directly leading to a higher conversion rate.

Videos aren’t just for customers. In 2010, Forbes found that 75% of executives are watching videos on websites that relate to their business. When customers and businesses are both consuming content in video format, websites will start to create their content in that format.

Over Three Quarters Of B2C Marketers Will Be Creating Additional Content This Year

The amount of content released in 2016 will be significantly higher than in 2015, according to marketers who sell directly to consumers. What does this mean for small businesses? There will be a lot more competition this year for consumers and website traffic.

Any business that uses a blog as its main form of marketing will need to monitor its competitors and increase its output of material to maintain a competitive edge.

The amount of content released to consumers in 2016 is on track to increase drastically from 2015, making it difficult for small businesses to keep customers without switching marketing strategies. These statistics show that every blog should make visual aids and video content key additions to its 2016 content marketing strategy.