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MPA_LogoHow to win the war against the “Corporate Monsters”

“Mega corporations are now the biggest threat not only to independent mortgage brokers, but to retail loan originators as well.”

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MPA_LogoDeveloping a Highly Active Online Presence

“A strong online presence helps to make existing referrals stronger and avoid a vacuum of information, which can be more harmful than any number of mixed reviews or information.”

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MPA_LogoHow Mortgage Pros Can Supercharge their Online Presence

“The key that makes our system special is that they don’t do any of the online work themselves. Every bit of our system is completely automated for them.”

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MPA_LogoTake Control of Your Online Reputation!

Mikel Erdman was recently interviewed in Mortgage Professional America about the power of testimonials, ratings and reviews.  Read the article and get great ideas to grow your business!

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MPA_LogoAre You Spending Money On Marketing That Doesn’t Work?

In today’s mortgage industry, it’s absolutely mandatory that originators utilize technology to bring in more customers.  Unfortunately it’s difficult to know what NOT to buy and waste your hard earned money!  Find out exactly how to make sure you get a great ROI in this interview written by Ryan Smith.

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Super-charging Your Online Image MPA_Logo

In today’s world, a business simply must have an online presence if it expects to be taken seriously by consumers. But a bad online presence may actually do more damage than no online presence at all. So how can mortgage originators make sure they project a professional image online?

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Mortgage Marketing InstituteEp #2: Why You Need a Blog – Mortgage Marketing Institute

In this episode, Mikel Erdman, founder of MySMARTblog takes us through his journey from enlisting in the Army to Mortgage Originator. Today Mikel helps Mortgage professionals generate repeat and referral business using social media marketing and technology automation. Lot’s to learn and do from this episode.

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